The hilarious Carlos Mencia will be returning to El Paso at the end of June! You can be sure to see him again the last weekend of June at the Comic Strip.

He will have several shows for you to choose from whether you decide to go Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Doors will open an hour before the show starts for the early and late showing. Remember over 5 years ago Carlos Mencia was giving Buzz Adams a hard time for his weight and talent? Hopefully Buzz will have Carlos Mencia on the Buzz Adams Morning Show again and get a compliment out of him this time. Carlos Mencia will be kicking off his performance on Thursday evening at 7:30 at the Comic Strip. There will be two shows Friday and Saturday which the early show will be at 7:30 pm and a late showing at 10:30 pm.

Don't miss out on seeing the lovely and studly Carlos Mencia next month at the Comic Strip!

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