The crazy thing about a free concert is if the band's amazing you know it is going to be a packed place. That is why when concerts are free and it is supposed to be a killer band means you have to get there earlier than expected.

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But since we have missed concerts and to make up for the lost time we certainly don't mind it. Especially when it is a band that will take you back to your youth that you will finally get to see.

If you have always wanted to catch some of your old favorites live one being "Santeria" don't miss this special upcoming show. This fall Speaking Rock is bringing a band that will have you relive your high times to El Paso.

Sublime with Rome will be coming to El Paso, Texas to perform a free concert at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center. Now I would not be surprised if I saw some of the Coronado High School alumni who still live in El Paso there.

If you have not heard of Sublime with Rome, the band includes Eric Wilson and singer/guitarist Rome Ramirez. So if you're fans of Sublime with Rome and want to jam out get your groove ready on Saturday, September 10.

Sublime with Rome will be performing a free show at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center this fall. Who knows when the next time you will see the Long Beach guys perform in El Paso again.

Just watch this may be everyone's high school reunion going down under the night sky.

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