A post-punk revival band some of you listened to in middle and high school is coming to El Paso, Texas. This band reminds me of my high school days while attending Coronado High School.

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You may or may not be familiar with Interpol's music and if you aren't give the song above a listen. The song above that should ring a bell is titled "Untitled" from Turn On the Bright Lights album.

If you have been a fan since they broke out in 1997 then you won't want to miss their concert in El Paso. The band Interpol will be performing at The Plaza Theater Performing Arts Center in a couple of months.

On Sunday, September 11, you can see Interpol performing in El Paso for the first time. Not sure about you but I have been waiting for this day to come for so long.

Some of our high school dreams of hoping Interpol would come to El Paso will finally be happening. If you didn't know they released a new album The Other Side of Make-Believe and fans are stoked.

Make sure you purchase your tickets quickly because since they have never been to El Paso they could possibly sell out. You can purchase your tickets to Interpol by clicking here so you don't miss their first show in El Paso.

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