If you’ve ever driven over Transmountain Road you’ve probably looked over the side and wondered, “Would I survive if my car went down one of these steep cliffs?”


We now know the answer: you MIGHT survive, but you’ll have a lot of trouble getting back up to the road.

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Before we see the video (yes, there’s a video!) here’s a fun fact about Transmountain Road: the 1960s-era project left exposed many outcroppings of Precambrian rocks.

These rocks are some of the oldest in the entire state of Texas. The only older rock in Texas is ZZ Top (RIMSHOT!) I kid! I kid!

The light tone of this article means that no fatalities were suffered in this incident. Miraculously, it seems that everyone made it out.

This gives you some idea of just how steep some of those drop-offs really are. The angle and perspective are confusing: it almost looks like people are walking sideways on a sheer cliff.

Honestly, I have a lot of difficulty telling which way is up and which is down in this video.  At least the person filmed it in “Landscape” mode like you’re supposed to.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

KVIA reports the rollover happened on Monday, May 22 but it doesn’t give any cause for the mishap.

Could it be another one of those encounters with the “Transmountain Ghost Monk” that we’ve heard about?

It could be, but I think it’s more likely another kind of “spirit” is involved in a lot of these kinds of accidents on Trans Mountain Road.

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