Scenic Drive is visited by so many locals and outside visitors quite often. Usually, we go to Scenic Drive for one on one time with someone special or just to find peace of mind while enjoying the view. Normally around 7:30 pm on a Friday evening, you won't be able to find a parking space where the flag stands. That area is the most popular and all those parking spaces fill up quickly. Scenic Drive isn't only a popular spot for enjoying the scenic view of the city. Scenic Drive is also frequently used to get from one side of town to the other. I almost always use Scenic Drive as my route to go to work and when I am heading home. The past few days I have noticed different parts on the rock wall have been crashed in to. It is apparent that Scenic Drive's rock wall takes quite a few hits on occasion.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

This month I have noticed the most hits that haven't been repaired yet. There are three crashes that occurred on Scenic Drive that are spread out from each other. I am just thankful no one has crashed hard enough to drive off the mountain. Not just that but Scenic Drive being a two-way road and high up on the mountain can be deadly if two cars are involved. Even though you may always be the careful driver there is always the other driver who's careless. My worst fear is using that particular route and someone crashing into me and there we go rolling down the mountain. In my opinion, I believe Scenic Drive is the most dangerous road to drive on in El Paso because of how close cars are. Transmountain can also be considered dangerous except drivers traveling West aren't near those going Northeast. Granted I know our roads are nothing compared to the 7 most dangerous roads in the world but they can still be scary. Now I know everyone has their own personal opinion of which road they believe is the most dangerous to drive on in El Paso. Let me know how you feel about this by placing your vote in the poll below.

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