There are a few local daredevils that took a dangerous risk just for the best scenic view of El Paso. You must admit the sunrise and sunsets in El Paso are worth an intense hike for the best view.

There are all sorts of hikes that range from easy to difficult and the crest hike is definitely difficult.

Victor Fernandez, Antonio Escalera, and Carlos Luevano filmed their hiking adventure for those who wouldn't dare to take it on.

The guys started their hike really really early in the morning in order to capture one of El Paso's many beautiful sunrises. Now I won't ever be able to attempt a hike as they did but just thankful they filmed their intense journey.

Their personal footage of their rocky adventure will have you on the edge of your seat!

While I was watching these three strangers do something I am too afraid to do was nerve-wracking for me. Be prepared to be nail-biting once you get two minutes into the video.

I was freaking out during the part where one of the guys was hugging the mountain between his legs and moving forward. They even had the best seat in the city to enjoy a bite to eat with a fascinating view.

Part of their hiking evidence wouldn't have been possible without their drone. So if you want to enjoy the view without putting your life at risk, just check out their personal video above.

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