A list of the most haunted roads in Texas includes Trans Mountain in Northeast El Paso.

A travel website listed the 10 most haunted roads in Texas and Trans Mountain came in at number 9!  (Alameda Drive also made a different list.)  Here's what the list posted at�� backpackerverse.com says:

According to local legend, a monk and his donkey perished around Trans Mountain road centuries ago.

Both spirits are said to haunt the road to this day.  While many who have witnessed the donkey’s ghost said they did not feel uneasy or scared by the apparition, they have said the monk is another story.

El Paso residents believe the monk sinned before dying, and torments the living from the inferno.  Many have said that the monk will appear in their room at night, calling upon the devil to appear.

I've heard stories about the monk for years and also a couple about a little kids ghost. The mines are haunted too but, this the first I've ever heard of the donkey!  Got any other cool Trans Mountain stories??  Post 'em in the comments!

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