El Paso sure can surprise us from time to time when you're enjoying nature in the Franklin Mountains. I love how my hometown can always surprise and teach me something new from time to time. I am close to Scenic Drive instead of Transmountain Road so my everyday route to and from work is Scenic Drive.

It has been a good long while since I have used Transmountain as a route or even just to sit and enjoy the view like others.

Hence, why I have never known about this Bob the Franklin Mountains goat until now.

When I look back at the times I did visit and relax on Transmountain, I didn't even notice a goat.

When scrolling through my social media I came across a post from Patrick Mckissack, who highlighted the Franklin Mountain goat named Bob. Other El Pasoans also shared their encounter with Bob and another goat Frankie.

As for the El Pasoans that do know about the goats in the Franklin Mountains, they can easily tell Bob and Frankie apart. I can share their not so much of a secret to help you identify the goat you spot sometime in the future.

The difference between the two goats should be easily noticeable since Frankie is younger and Bob has a goatee, no pun intended.

A sight like this would be great to see and enjoy watching the real goats of El Paso cross through the pass with your family.

Now what I want to know about is how many more El Pasoans also know about Bob and Frankie roaming the Franklin Mountains in the poll below.

Bob the Franklin Mountains goat

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