The internet has been going crazy recently, since the Evil Dead remake was made, about the next Army of Darkness movie coming out soon.  There have been stories of Sam Raimi already working on it, Bruce Campbell slipping some info out there…but in the words of Bruce himself:

It's all internet BS.

I'm devastated.  The Evil Dead movies are some of the most imaginative, fun, scary movies made, and the most recent version is no exception!  It's why I've featured the movie in my 31 Days of Horror films here at, and it's why the following for these films has been rabid for so long.

I know I'm not the only devastated individual on the interwebs right now.

THEN, Bruce goes on to say that Fede Alvarez, the director of the new Evil Dead movie, isn't even working on the sequel for THAT!  Maybe in the future, but he's doing other things.

How did my world fall apart so quickly?  But just because it's not a reality now, doesn't mean it won't be at all, so there's still hope.

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