Today is probably the best holiday ever invented.  Celebrating scary stuff, candy, scary things, and candy.  Or did I just repeat myself?

It's hard to tell, I'm so excited about Halloween, all I want to do is go home and watch a horror movie marathon for the next four days.  But, at least I'll get to hang out with you craziest tonight at the KLAQ Twisted Circus tonight.  Come on out and have some fun with me!

If you are stuck at work, or anywhere else, you can totally enjoy one of the best horror movies ever made.  The original Hellraiser!  YouTube has the whole movie up, and you can watch it here, so there's no need to even hit the Redbox.

Turn out the lights, and get ready to kick things off with one of the most iconic movie intros ever: "What's your pleasure, sir?"

And don't you just love the still shot of the guy with no skin having a calm, normal conversation?

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