Sometimes it's fun to pretend like you're in a scary movie all thanks to the weather! The fog we're experiencing on our Franklin Mountains reminds me of a couple of movies. Those movies are called The Fog and The Mist which were released in 2005 and 2007. When I was taking my son to school this morning if you're close to the mountains it was quite the view. It was as if you're watching a scene from a spooky movie but at the same time admirable. For some odd reason, this kind of weather puts me in some kind of trance. This time of year and this kind of weather always puts me in the mood for a set of particular spooky movies. The first movie I like to watch thanks to our current weather condition is The Fog. That movie is about some vengeful spirits that haunt a small town off the coast of Oregon. I especially love it because of the radio DJ that is played by Selma Blair. Then after finishing movie one, I move on to movie number two. Movie number two is called The Mist which will soon turn 11 years old. That movie has a harsh ending that will leave you hurting! In the poll below let me know if you also enjoy these movies this time of the year!

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