I love the originals. I love the remake. This franchise is just amazing.

I fell in love with Evil Dead all over again last night as I watch disturbing killing scenes and wicked demons. I grew up loving the original trilogy and always only saw Bruce Campbell as my hero. This remake did have input from the original director Sam Raimi and producer Campbell who influenced new director, Fede Alvarez to create a gore fest that everyone would love.

I think they did it perfectly. Hands being torn off, the crazy demon smack talking in the cellar, gallons of blood, some of the most disturbing scenes you will ever see and of course the boomstick and chainsaw.

If you have not seen the remake, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO NOW! I recommend in XD because you can hear the skinning of a girl's face beautifully. If you have not seen the originals, well then you should watch those too but don't get all upset when the special effects aren't amazing. They did have a small budget and was back in the 80's.

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