I have always been and still afraid of watching Freddy Kreuger till this day! Some friends of mine think Jason is scarier than all other evil characters. I am curious about who you were or still afraid of since you were younger. Whenever A Nightmare On Elm Street is playing, I get hooked but then also left scared. Have you ever seen a movie so terrifying you need to watch something happy? Friends of mine said Michael while other friends said Jason were worse than Freddy. Which evil villain scared you to the point you had to watch something funny after? Let me know down below by taking the poll!

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    Freddy Kreuger

    After watching Freddy Kreuger, usually leads you to having a nightmare involving him. He's the ONLY evil villain who didn't hide his ugly face. His famous weapon of choice was his hand that had knives as fingers.

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    Michaeal Meyers

    Michael Meyers is one big beast because of his built. He was famous for his white mask, kitchen knife and his mechanic suit. Another thing he was famous for that people use on their cell phones as a ringtone.....his theme song! For a slow walking paced evil villain he always managed to catch up to his victims.

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    The man who took over the SyFy channel EVERY Friday the 13th who goes by the name Jason. He was the one well known for wearing a hockey mask and carrying around that large machete. The way you knew he was going to appear was when you heard the ch ch ch ah ah ah.

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