The new Sabath cd "13" will be out soon!

Black Sabbath are wrapping up the recording of their loooong awaited new disc, "13".

Despite all kinds of problems, including guitarist Tony Iommis' battle with cancer and drummer Bill Wards refusal to participate in the reunion due to financial issues, they are almost ready to release the cd!!  (Brad Wilk formerly of Rage Against The Machine took over the drumming gig! He refers to the new disc as "an album 35 years in the making.")

To warm everyone up, the band released a video to show off the CDs cover art.  We also get about 27 seconds of Iommi and two ominous lines from Ozzy.

Arrrggghhhh ... what a tease!  After everything that's happened, I can't wait to hear what these guys have come with!

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