This El Paso band has featured a multitude of Borderland musicians and their EP was produced by a true El Paso rock legend.

Face The Mirror started out as an attempt to resurrect another El Paso band, Voyeur.  Bassist, Mike Rillo reunited with guitarist Ego Santana who had been in not only Voyeur but also ABNIK and 11:11. Former Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid drummer Corpsy found his way into the group and the 3 clicked almost instantly. The trio augmented their live performances with a slew of fellow, local musicians including Marty Martinez of Lylah and Save An Ending, Juan Barssé of Dizz Brew, Alan Hering of Dicodec, and Emmanuel Prospero ... also known as "Violent Betty" ... from Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid. Emmanuel would eventually become a permanent member, officially making Face The Mirror a quartet.

There is another famous "Local Loco" attached to Face The Mirror, the one and only Eddy "Razor" Garcia of Pissing Razors, Overkill, and Little King fame. Face The Mirror recorded their EP "Growing Pains" with Eddy at Krank Studios, a recording studio/ lighting and sound company owned by Eddy.

Growing Pains debuted last Thursday ... November 19th, 2020 ... and can now be found on all the usual, digital music outlets including iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora just to name a few. (Christmas is right around the corner so, there's a great gift idea for the rockers on your gift list this year. Just sayin'...)  You can also hear the bands' music on  ReverbNation.


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