El Paso rockers You're The Alibi have a brand new video to show off. Check it out here...

You're The Alibi sum up their new video for the song "Into Darkness", which you can view up above, this way:

The video "Into Darkness" tells the story about a crazy obsession for someone, wanting to be in control and total dominance of that person. Even if it takes going to the extreme measures of casting a possesion spell. - yourethealibi.com

You're The Alibi describe themselves as a "Cinematic Metal Rock Band". The band formed in 2019 by Ruby Maldonado on lead vocals and Tony Gonzales on lead guitar. They would eventually be joined this year, 2020, by Ulrich (Uli) De la Fuente on second guitar and Christian Maguregui, aka (The Chreep) on drums. They released their first single and video for the song "Save My Soul" last March which touches on a very personal subject for members of the band, depression.

They had planned on releasing a 5 - song EP ear;ier this year but, thanks to COVID 19 that is off. In one of the rare "silver linings" to be found in this COVID 19 pandemic cloud though, the delay has allowed the band time to write and record more songs so they are now planning a full-length album  There is no firm timeline for that release but, they are well on their way to completing it and it will hopefully be released sooner than later.

Learn more about the band here and here.

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