Videos from the last 20 years or so are being cleaned up and readied for use in a documentary on the legendary El Paso rockers.

If you are a fan of Pissing Razors, they're about to make you very happy. Over the last 23 years or so, Pissing Razors have played all over the world and many of their shows were filmed and/or recorded. Long time fan and friend of the band, Jamz Rockmoore and his company, Strange Daze Productions, have been given hundreds of hours of footage to fix up and use in a comprehensive documentary about the band. Check out the brief collection of moments he has put together as a teaser above.

A lot of the footage features other local bands Pissing Razors have worked with over the years. The video below, for example, features an El Paso band known as The Hate Campaign. (Click that Hate Campaign link for more about them. My old friend and on-air brother Scott Ronson appears briefly at the beginning.)

No word yet on when the Razors' documentary will be released but, a new album from Pissing Razors is coming very soon.

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