There is an El Paso woman named Betty that Sarah Silverman hopes to meet someday. This is why it doesn't hurt to take a chance and reach out to your favorite celebrity. A perfect example to use is Betty from El Paso who wanted to inform Sarah Silverman about her self-taught Jewish lesson.

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Betty happened to be a lucky winner and had her message played back for Sarah Silverman. So, on Sarah Silverman's podcast page you can see all the different topics she enjoys discussing. Well, in one of her many topics Sarah Silverman talked about Jordan the Jewish cop from Texas.

Well, Betty in El Paso must be feeling really special knowing she made Sarah Silverman's face cheeks hurt. Besides that, even Sarah Silverman mentioned she hopes she gets to meet Betty someday. Luckily, for you, The Real Fit Fam El Paso has the footage to share with you.

If seeing is believing then you can see Betty represent El Paso in a humorous way. Hopefully one day Sarah Silverman can visit El Paso, Texas, and actually get to meet Betty. We can see the proof that Betty sure did leave quite an impression with Sarah Silverman.

We got to admit that Betty sure did earn the respect of the Jewish community in El Paso after this. Betty took the time to learn all about Judaism and didn't think any Jews existed since The Holocaust. But thanks to an old show The Nanny, she learned quite a bit. Check out Betty's message and Sarah Silverman's reaction right at 24 minutes into the video above from Sarah Silverman's Podcast channel on YouTube.

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