The believers of the paranormal in El Paso had their worst nightmare come true. The place that books quickly for ghost tours is going to be off-limits. Peoples hearts dropped after hearing about the most haunted hotel downtown being up in flames.

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The De Soto Hotel was the talk of the town Friday evening. Whoever or however you heard felt like it was news you needed to be sitting down for.

My work partner Joe Pete broke the news to me as I was on the road. Which answered what that black cloud of smoke I saw was coming from while driving.

I am sure there were a lot of you like me rushing home hoping to catch the last bit of the news. But luckily for us, ABC 7 News had a lot of our backs Friday evening.

Major props to ABC 7 News for keeping the live coverage rolling (clip above) on a place that had a special place in our hearts. ABC 7 News wrapped up filming the devastating news just a little before 7:30 pm.

Hopefully, everyone remained safe after that frightful night. But usually before knowing the facts our minds just ran away with curiosities.

The curiosity at the top of the list was if everyone made it out alive. Plus, who would want to do this kind of thing to a special haunted place?

My work partner Jo Pete was quick to blame it on the ghosts. But, can you imagine if that were actually the case? After all, if spirits can knock a fan over as seen in Ghost Adventures (below) who knows.

For all we know, this may spark an interest with Ghost Adventures main man Zak about revisiting El Paso. Another concerning curiosity, where the hell can we snoop around now that's known for being a hotspot for paranormal activity? We should say our prayers light candles and hope the De Soto Hotel can be saved.

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