Apparently, another part of El Paso felt something that had some people concerned on Thursday afternoon. Now if you're trying to remember the last time El Paso experienced something odd was last year in March. The last time El Paso felt confused about what they felt actually happened on the Westside was back in March 2020.

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I remember it clear as day when the Westside of El Paso had experienced quite a shake one morning. I was at work sitting in the office at my desk working on the computer when I felt my first what seemed like an earthquake.

I remember my chair moved a bit, guitars were swaying, and things were rattling. There happened to be a 5.0 earthquake near Mentone, Texas which meant El Paso sure as hell felt some of it too.

You can check out the story I did on how sometimes the city of El Paso literally rocks by clicking here. Well, El Paso experienced somewhat of a similar situation yesterday afternoon in Central and the Eastside of El Paso.

You can see what particular areas felt what seemed like a loud explosion from people's comments on The Real Fit Fam El Paso Instagram page. You had to have felt it if you were between the vicinity of Hawkins at Montana and Horizon City.

Some Ring footage of the loud boom and shake was shared by @yrh.luis_ with The Real Fit Fam El Paso which has some locals wondering. But there were plenty of comments from all sorts of people sharing what area they felt the shake happen.

Well after some digging around KVIA Abc 7 News shared a report about what that "boom" some El Paso and Horizon City residents felt turned out to be. Turns out they went a little too dynamite happy since they may have used more dynamite than they should have.

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