People who either live, go off-roading or shoot in the desert need to be more careful in the Montana Vista area. The other day a woman had shared a photo with The Real Fit Fam El Paso that should have people in the Montana Vista area shook.

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The picture she had shared was of a stray bullet that had hit her son's trampoline. But can you imagine seeing a bullet where your child loves to play?

Now if I had seen something like that like which involves my kids, I would be heated as hell. The woman had gone on to mention every parent's worst imaginable fear if her kid was out there at the wrong time.

But you know what is sad but true, the place her son could let his imagination run wild is now a danger zone. The woman is aware of how people go out to the desert in polvos aka the Montana Vista area to go shooting.

The woman is asking those of you who enjoy hitting up the desert to shoot a few rounds to be more cautious. There are a lot of families in the Montana Vista area with kids who will be spending more time outside during the summertime.

So, if you like to head out to the desert to go shoot, please make sure you're extra cautious where you shoot. Now, this is a very touchy subject after the recent event that happened in Uvalde, Texas. But if you are someone who hits up the desert for a shooting session, just make sure you're extra cautious where you're aiming.

Now I reached out to The Real Fit Fam El Paso asking if I could share the photo but never got a reply.

Veronica G.
Veronica G.

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