This is becoming my regular start-of-the-month post: best/worst/funniest news bloopers of the previous month.

Before the video, though, some of my highlights to watch for.

  • :12 This is exactly how Fernando Cuevas would get anytime he saw a local news reporter. To Fernie there was no higher level of celebrity than Doppler Dave.
  • :25 She’s obvi hungry. I’m kind of surprised she didn’t call Buffalo “Buffalo Wings”.
  • :37 Did…did that kitten just plunge to it’s death??
  • 2:16 I’ve HEARD of people in local news wanting to “take the anchor chair” before.
  • 4:15 I want to be on LSD
  • 7:06 If you interview an Okie about a natural disaster on TV there is a 95% chance they will give the “Longhorns suck” hand gesture.
  • 7: 15 EL PASO!!! O. Krrrrrrrrr!
  • 10:22 If your traffic report is 20 minutes of talking about an empty box on a nearly deserted road, you should consider just airing a rerun of “Maury”.

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