Once again, the YouTube channel News Be Funny has put out their monthly collection of the funniest news bloopers from around the world. If you prefer, you can scroll right on down to video…OR, you can check out my handy guide and commentary first.

  • :05 --Jacket on? No, Jacket Off!
  • :14 –You can stop Covid with a banana now? Does Fauci know?
  • :19—Of course, July 2020 saw the passing of civil rights icon John Legend
  • 1:35—The new Jurassic World movie looks kind of lame…
  • 2:08--…but that new giant bird movie looks awesome!!
  • 4:08—I still don’t understand what’s going on with BBC news. The establishing shot shows a couple dozen people sitting in the newsroom at their desks. Then it shows that there are ZERO humans working the cameras. And, every month there’s a blooper that’s obviously because of the automation. It seems like there’s an easy solutions. Automate the pencil pushers and get actual humans back on the set.
  • 5:04---I seriously starting to think that reporters working from home are smearing sardine oil on their set-up because they WANT their cats to mess up the shot.
  • 6:44—Comin’ up your weather on the nines but first…your daily GWAR update!
  • 9:07---Ancient weatherman or Disney Princess? You decide…Tonight on KBTX at 10! And to answer his question, of course he won’t send you an e-mail. Obviously, he’ll just tweet.
  • 11:34—That’s the hardest wood she’s touched in decades. Ah, who am I kidding? When it comes to wordplay there’s no way I’m topping “megage-a-tree”. Well played, sir.


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