It’s a brand new month! Welcome to February, everyone. Of course, that also means we have the funniest news bloopers from January all ready to go from the News Be Funny YouTube channel.

Watch at your own leisure but here are some of my favorite moments and highlights from the new batch o’ bloopers:

1:10—This is an interesting linguistic tic called a “Spoonerism”. It’s when a person mixes up parts of two or more words, often to hilarious effect. In this case you get “The Finnish Sea Saring Sheam”.

2:12---That’s not a “dad joke”. “Snow way” gives Dad Jokes a bad name.

Also, what’s going on with Don’s head in that clip? Is that a prosthetic?? Is he one of those telepathic aliens from the pilot episode of Star Trek? Is Don o.k.?

2:25---“Are you trying to say ‘sneaking’ or ‘sticking’?”


2:39--- “Aw, crap it!”

“Freakin’ E Christmas!”

This poor guy was about two seconds from dropping a “Cheese and Crackers” on the air!

3:10 ---Remember, you can lose you taste. And your co-worker can NOT lose his taste. But you can’t taste your co-worker.

6:36---This isn’t even about the blooper but…is that lady’s name “Jizz”??

7:28---There has been a trend in the U.K. of fully robotic television cameras. As this blooper clearly shows, it is only a matter of time until one of these robot cameras goes full-on “I, Robot” and starts killing news reporters. Seriously! Look how it just creepily sneaks up behind her and stares menacingly at the back of her head! It’s uncanny!

11:26---There’s nothing worse than doing the first part of a famous movie quote only to find out the other person has (obviously) NEVER seen the movie! You can see the sadness and disappointment in her eyes.

13:59—Did…did the Don Cornelius guy just OUT his co-worker live on the air??

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