Allan Martinez has been in the El Paso music scene for YEARS doing small gigs & working with many local musicians. He formed a band back in 2016 called As The City Sleeps & their full length debut album is FINALLY here.

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Like I said at the beginning, Allan has been around for quite a while making music. He started back in 2010 playing in MurdeRemedy & has focused more on recording for As The City Sleeps since 2016 with Jimmy Quintanar on drums/ percussion & Esdhin Avila on Bass.

Since then, they've released a 5 song EP called "Synesthesia" back in 2017 & right after that, they got started on releasing a full length LP & after 4 years, it FINALLY came out. "Call It Eternity" was released May 7th, & this album definitely showcases A LOT of support from local musicians from the El Paso scene. Allan even went into detail on the making of the album:

"This album was long overdue... but I'm a firm believer in letting things marinate if you want the end result to be good.... I definitely prefer quality over quantity. The songs came about pretty organically. It was just me & my acoustic guitar really. Then as the recording process took course, I would hear what arrangements needed to be added & layered. Whether they be violins, or keyboards, or a sweet sax solo in 'Astral Afterglow'. Whatever it was that I thought would enhance the experience. Being in the local scene, you get to make friends with talented musicians & there is definitely an abundance of musical guests that contributed to the record: John Lopez of Blessed Be Man, Adrian Nava of Dayluta Means Kindness, Adria Del Valle of Esteromance, Ross Ingram of Pet People, just to name a few. I'm very grateful & honored by their participation".

You can hear As The City Sleeps on Q Connected & if you're a local artist, you can submit your music HERE or send me an email at

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