Yesterday, I saw a group of strangers come together and do something very kind.

As I was rockin' ya'll at work yesterday, some nice things took place outside the KLAQ studio window.  Traffic had slowed to a crawl because of a little white dog, trotting down the middle of N. Mesa.

  • Nice thing #1.  A couple of cars slowed behind him, holding back all the other cars so the little guy wouldn't get hit.  They could have hurt him, or other drivers, trying to get around him but, they didn't. They patiently gave him the escort he needed.
  • Nice thing # 2.  A lady signaled other drivers that she wanted to cut across 2 lanes. She did, whipped into the Q parking lot and left her vehicle there while she ran to try and get the dog before he could make the busy intersection.
  • Nice thing # 3. Peeps from nearby businesses got into the act, as did two officers in a passing EPPD unit. People were running all over, some endangering themselves, to save this little fuzzball.

I thought they'd caught him when one of the cops ran by on foot, toward the other cop, their car and several people gathered around a tree several blocks down.  I'm not sure what happened but, I suspect the worst.

Even though I'm unsure how this story ends, I write this as a HUGE thank you to all those people who took the time, and the risks, to try and help that little dog. You guys are awesome.  In a time when racism and divisiveness bombard us daily, it was great to see how kind, caring and united, people really can be.

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