A bunch ... and I mean a BUNCH ... of local rockers are playing tomorrow night to raise money for the victims and families of victims of the Wal-Mart shooting.

Saturday night, (8/24), The Rockhouse will live up to its name AND raise money for victims of the tragedy that occurred August 3rd. The Rockhouse Bar & Grill, located at 9828 Montana, will be open early, with the show starting at 1pm. ALL proceeds from the concert will go to the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation

Performers include:

Garden Grove, Beyond Terror, La ChapuzaVia Mars, Not My Master, Hereafter The Wave, Rust, Hank Of The Destruction Moose, Edison's Ear, Illum, CounterPlay, Aurora Under Water, Cryptic, (from Arizona), Beneath The Waves, Fusebox, Ray Arreola, Eye Of The BermudaMy Last Season, Exit 116, Steel Queen, Fall 2 Rise, (video above!),  Sancho Villa, Serein, (from Dallas), and Hyproglo.

This is going to be an amazing show and it is, of course, for a very cause. Please come support your community and your Local Locos!!