Hopefully, I can turn this into a recurring story and bring you more good news while, hopefully, inspiring you to do something as well. At the least, I want to show that the news isn't ALL bad and that people aren't ALL assholes.

  • Mario took on the role of "grocery delivery driver", bringing things to homebound elderly people.
  • Jake knows people at a grocery supply warehouse. He got up in the middle of the night, went there, and loaded up on water and toilet paper. He then drove around delivering them to families with children who were going through those items quicker than others.
  • Juan created a group to trade and exchange ... not sell ... needed items.
  • "John Doe" gets up a couple of hours early to feed and water his elderly neighbors' livestock before he goes to work himself as they're afraid to be outdoors during this crisis.

If you have other stories, post them in the comments or send them to me directly and I'll do a follow-up to this post. The times may seem dark but, in the words of Thousand Foot Krutch ... in the song above which it seems was written for these very times ... "Light Shines Brighter In The Dark".

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