It's amazing to see someone doing something they have a passion for except when they get hurt doing it! This guy for instance has a love for what he does and well puts his life on the line for it.

Bryan Jauregi who posted up the video to YouTube a year ago but is still an anxious watch. Bryan stated that after his friend flew off the cliff he was alright and walked away with some flesh wounds. It's crazy that they managed to get this footage of their pal flying off a cliff. We don't know if they have been practicing at this particular location but the results show you otherwise. This will definitely have you flinch and give you a body ache imagining what this guy felt. Thankfully the El Paso Bombsquad (his crew) were right there when it happened to be at his rescue.

I salute and give props to this longboarder that is still alive after performing this crazy stunt!

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