There are 3 things Texans shouldn't order while flying. There's one more I advise against and an activity that should also be avoided.

Some people hate flying, others love it and many just tolerate it ... I fall somewhere between tolerate and love. The flight itself I'm cool with. I just don't like the airport "experience".

Wait here, wait there, take your shoes off, let me "wand" you; you know how it is ...  Couple that with rude or pushy airport/airline staff and, yeah.

Anyway, enough griping ... once you're actually on the plane, it's nice to have a tasty drink while you fly across the lone star state. Unless you're flying out of El Paso, you pretty much have to fly across Texas to get wherever you're going. We're HUGE.

What Should I Not Drink On A Flight?

There are 3 No-Nos and a "try to avoid". The try to avoid is beer. Sure it's tasty but, I'm not paying 9+ bucks for one. Especially since Coors Light is never on the menu. Mixed drinks are worse ... I'll wait an hour or two, thanks.

What Should I Refuse To Drink On A Flight?

Here are the 3 things to absolutely avoid drinking during your flight: coffee, tea and water. Water is really the issue, the coffee and tea are innocent bystanders because they happen to be made WITH the water.

Despite federal mandates on cleaning aircraft water tanks, they aren't tested that often and there are no real penalties for airlines that don't follow the guidelines. All kinds of bacteria, feces ... yep, poop ... and other crap, (literally and figuratively), can be in that H2O.

Bobby Boucher would never serve this stuff.

If it didn't come in a bottle or a can, don't drink it. If you opt for soda, juice or a mixed drink; don't eat the ice either.

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