All American Rejects must love to tease since they won't just come out and say what's coming this year! The band posted up their own profile headshots hinting to us about something coming this year. We're not totally sure what that means but you know it's got to be a positive thing! I have always loved listening to All American Rejects since high school. The band also reminds me of my party days with my friends in 2005. So when I read their tweet you bet I was totally stoked! The announcement they made could either be about releasing a new album or they're going on tour. Either way, this sounds like good promising news from the guys and looking forward to it. I was remembering the first time I saw them in concert was at a club. It was also the first time I got pepper sprayed in a crowd waiting in line for the show! Don't you just wish they would just come right out and say what's coming? But I guess suspense never really hurt anybody. What do you think All American Rejects have in store for us this new year? You can guess what possibly is coming this year from the band down below.