I'm not sure whether it did or didn't but there are some similarities.

Mammoth WVH, fronted by Edward Van Halen's son, Wolfgang, recently released a new song and a full length album is on the way.

Mammoth WVH II will be in stores August 4th. You can watch the video for the first single from it, "Another Celebration At The End Of The World", above and pre-order your copy here.

Wolfgang, who is every bit as talented as his famous Pops, wrote and performed EVERY track on the upcoming album. Which he hints at by also being the only person in the video.

He used some of his Dad's most iconic guitars for the solos, which I thought was a  very cool way to keep Eddy's spirit alive.

Now, on to the cover art for Mammoth WVH II. Here's what it looks like:

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

So, how does the album cover tie in with a tiny building in Marfa?

The short answer is, it probably doesn't. There are a couple of similarities though, starting with the mountains and the landscape. It's very desert-ish and similar to what it looks like around Marfa.

Next, the building itself resembles an art piece between Marfa and Valentine. It's a teeny replica of a Prada store, complete with mini Prada products that were available at the time it was built.

As you can see by comparing it to the car in the photos, it's pretty small.

It's a stretch but, hey ... who knows?

Maybe he went looking for the Marfa lights and got inspired. That could explain the fireworks too. Lights in the sky, get it?

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