When bands break up or let go of a certain band member it also affects the fans. Recently the rumor about Bad Wolves parting from Tommy Vext has been confirmed. It is true, Bad Wolves have split from their now former vocalist, Tommy Vext. I was enjoying my vacation when my concert buddy Chris tagged me on social media about the shocking news. I know I wasn't the only one shocked to hear about the jaw-dropping news. There were a lot of disappointed fans commenting on Bad Wolves confirmation post on Instagram. When I first read their statement on Instagram I immediately felt my heart drop to my stomach. But a part of me also felt a bit of relief for having the chance to see the band whole before splitting from Tommy Vext. When bands schedule tours sometimes El Paso doesn't always make the cut.

Luckily, El Paso, Texas, was one of the stops for Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, and Bad Wolves. El Paso, Texas should be considered lucky for seeing the first and the last performance of Bad Wolves with Tommy Vext. I look back at their show from November 7, 2019, and feel so lucky I got to meet and see them as a whole band before the split. Well, the date of November 7, 2019, will always be the date remembered as the first and last time El Paso got to see the OG Bad Wolves with Tommy Vext. You can see a clip from that show thanks to Gab Chambers who shared a close-up of the band from that how above. Feel free to share if you attended their show in 2019 at the Don Haskins Center below.

Bad Wolves in El Paso

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