Evanescence's Amy Lee recently talked to Lisa Sanchez and discussed the band's new music, her long career, and their new song "Use My Voice." Evanescence is a band that has been around in the music business for a long time, and that has allowed singer Amy Lee an opportunity to find herself and use her power to motivate others, and that's exactly what she's doing. Amy Lee called in to chat with Lisa Sanchez and discusses the band's new song, when we can expect a full album, and why she felt it was so important to become an advocate for others in the current political climate we live in.

Amy Lee discusses in this interview why the band decided to share their new songs as they're being finished, instead of waiting to put together a full album. In the instant gratification society we live in today, this may be the way we receive new music from artists in the future. Lee also discusses what it's like to be creating new music during a pandemic, and how the band was able to get together to create the new songs. Let's just say the band....basically went to summer camp together. Less outdoor activities, more music but they're not complaining.

Spending so much time in the music business, Amy Lee is a seasoned artist which can be a good and bad thing. Amy discussed what it's like being such a massive influence for so many other females in rock and if she feels any pressure to live up to those high standards we all, myself included, have for her.


Now, the current political, economic, and environmental climate has the world in a position many of us haven't seen in our lifetime. With all the turmoil happening in our country, Amy Lee felt it was finally time to stand up and use her voice for a cause she believes in. Amy talks about why she thinks this was the right moment, and her new campaign with the non-profit Headcount to get more people to the polls this November. Check out the entire interview with Amy Lee in the video above.




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