About 14 years ago MTV News viewers heard about a lead singer (and actor on occasion) having a tough break in El Paso. That lead singer you should remember especially for what happened to him since it was partly our fault.

It was March 1, 2007, where it happened was at the El Paso County Coliseum during the concert at Taste of Chaos.

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If you guessed 30 Seconds to Mars, ding ding ding you guessed correctly. Taste of Chaos made a stop in El Paso with quite a few rock bands co-headlining. In 2007 Taste of Chaos was co-headlined by the Used and 30 Seconds to Mars. Other bands featured were Saosin, Senses Fail, Aiden, Chiodos, and Evaline.

Well, who knew that El Paso would make MTV News after the Taste of Chaos show at the County Coliseum. It was when 30 Seconds to Mars was still performing and Jared Leto did something that drives fans wild. Jared Leto was in the middle of "The Kill" when he ran into the crowd that resulted in a few injuries. Below is the beginning of "The Kill" that CryssSix shared on their YouTube from the El Paso show.

Once fans on the floor saw Jared Leto hit their level they went nuts. They rushed toward Jared Leto which security didn't manage to stop. Jared Leto suffered a broken nose, foot injury, and minor injuries on his face and body.

Despite Jared Leto's concert battle wounds, he was suffering from, he let the show go on. Before wrapping up the show in pain and walking off stage, Jared Leto declared his El Paso, Texas stop was one of the best on the tour. Of course shortly after 30 Seconds to Mars fans saw MTV News about the mishap it wouldn't be long until the finger was pointed.

30 Seconds to Mars fans in El Paso were blamed for breaking Jared Leto's nose by other fans around. Hell, just check out Jice06's comment on the YouTube video by clicking here.

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