In the 80's, Dee Snider was a huge rock icon, fronting Twisted Sister, hosting Metal Shop on MTV, speaking against the PMRC. After the band broke up, he went on to write an album called Desperado that never saw the light and then formed Widowmaker in anger. When that band broke apart, he wrote and released a great movie based on the Horror-Teria story from the Twisted Sister album "Stay Hungry".

Dee plays Carleton Hendricks, aka Captain Howdy (from the song and a great Exorcist reference) who kidnaps people and begins performing extreme body modifications on them. He's captured and sent away to an insane asylum. The end.

Just kidding. That would be lame. Of course he's released, and the story progresses into the "Street Justice" part of the film where the parents lynch the very different Hendricks. This, of course, gets him off his meds and leads him onto a rampage of revenge and punishment against the world that denied him his second chance.

Great soundtrack, and Robert England. What more could you want?

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