It seems like just about everyone you meet is in a band. We have so many great musicians here in El Paso, Las Cruces and the surrounding towns, and I'd like to help get them all some more exposure. Let's build up the local music scene as much as we can. There's a lot of bands out there, some you know of, some you might not.

If this effort can turn you on to even one band that you didn't know about, then it will be worth it.

If you're in a band and want to get your band a feature here, then fill out the form and I'll get you guys (and girls) up! I'll get in touch with you if I have any additional questions, and to let you know when your page will go live here.

If you're not in a band, but know of some bands that aren't featured here yet, feel free to send them this link so they can get me their info.

The more bands we get featured, the more it can help you find a new band to check out, get the bands some more gigs, help them build, and maybe get the next big band out to the world! It could happen.

Here are some of the bands I have up already, check them out:

Local Band Profile Page Questionnaire

Get your band featured on! We want you to get more fans and help build the local music scene. If you want your band featured, fill this out and we'll put you up. If you know of a band to feature, send them this link so we can get them up!