Who are all the members of your band, and what do they play?

Katie- vocals/keyboards

When did the band get together, and how?

The concept was created back in 07, as Zeitgeist, by Thomas and Shawn. In 2010 after the band had a steady line up the band decided to change their name to ARCHETYPED.

How would you describe your music to someone?

We would describe our music as unique, since we don't follow a traditional heavy metal sound.

Who are some of the bands that influence your music?

Some of the bands that have influenced all of us are Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquility, Black Dahlia, Mudvayne, Dream Theatre, Lamb of God, Tool, and many more.

What is your most memorable gig so far?

April 14th, we played along with Wrath & Gore, And Attackhead at Bombardiers

Are you currently signed to any kind of label or management?

We currently have Ismael Puga From Texas Meltdown Ent. as our booking manager.

What other bands have your members been/are in?

Shawn and Thomas were in Castdown
Katie has Nienna, her solo project.
Edward has been with Remedial Death, Attacking your senses, and No.Vella

What other local bands would you recommend people check out?

We recommend you check out Wrath&Gore, Scordatura Vita, DarkAria, Chains of Rage, Perpetual Ontogeny, Oldson, Section 6, Beyond the Ash.

Where can people contact you to book you for shows?

You guys can contact us at 915-929-0027