Heard the latest number of El Paso COVID-19 cases based on zip code? Know why we have zip codes? Wonder how the hell Chicago figures into this? Keep reading.

We keep getting updates on how many COVID 19 cases are in El Paso broken down by zip code. (Click here for the latest.)  As for zip codes themselves, they can really represent their areas and the people and places within. Some are really well known, like 90210. Other, not so famous ones, can really sum up the area they cover for locals. Here in El Paso, for example, 79912 makes people think of upscale living, the river, etc; while 79924 conjures images of the mountains. El Paso has one zip code that put us on the map nationally a while back and we beat out Chicago to get there.

I'll get to that but, first, did you know the zip code hasn't been around as long as most would think. Believe it or not, it's only 57 years old. How many of you have grandfathers or Dads that old?  For that matter, you may be that old.

Anyway, here comes the windy city tie-in. Did you know that, back in 2013, El Paso had the fastest growing zip code in the country? (Really, look.) At that point in time, we beat out Chicago. Freakin' Chicago as having the fastest growing zip code area in the US. Crazy, huh? El Paso's east side continues to grow like a weed and it wouldn't surprise me to see the '36 make that list again.


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