Super Bowl Sunday is practically a holiday for fans and non - fans alike.

Many people think it should be made an official holiday. With the holiday observed on Super Bowl Monday when the whole country tends to run a little slow.

Even if your team didn't make it this year, the game itself will be exciting and partying with friends and family is always fun. It's like Christmas but without the gift buying anxiety and a more hardcore party vibe.

Here are a few fun facts about Super Bowl Sunday:

Philadelphia Hosts The 17th Annual Wing Bowl
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As for the party stats...

  • 1.45 BILLION chicken wings are going down.
  • 10 million ribs will be purchased week of.
  • 11.2 million pounds of potato chips will be munched.
  • 139.4 million avocadoes will be bought for guacamole. (1/2 of that is just El Paso.)
  • Pizza delivery orders will go up 40% Sunday, beer consumption will go up 90%.

Dubba G facts and stats:

  • I have watched, (give or take), 25 Super Bowls.
  • Between 2pm and 8-ish, I'll put away around 20 Coors Lights along with a little tequila. (When The Patriots are in it, those amounts rise sharply.)
  • The New England Patriots have won 6 Super Bowls, Bill Belichik has won 8
  • Tom Brady has won 7
  • I absolutely HATE avocadoes.
  • I may have a few chips but it's really the sweet snacks that are going to take a hit.
  • Sunday is my Mom's birthday. (Happy Birthday Mom)
  • If we do tequila, it's silver only (Hornitos or El Perro Grande. Drink Local.)
  • You can keep the nachos too.
  • If the host of the Super Bowl party I'm going to doesn't promise to provide my Coors Light, I'm going to go on the air and give ALL of you the address.

Finally ...

Over 18 million people are expected to call in sick Monday morning. That being said, (cough, cough), I need to go talk to my boss real quick.

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