El Paso is typically ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States of America. The lone star state ranks as one of the top 15 most dangerous states overall though.

Spectrum local news, using the FBI’s 2021 Uniform Crime Report, put Texas at #15 based on its violent crime rate.

The most common crime in Texas however, isn't violent.

While violence could be, and often is, associated with the state's number 1 crime; the crime itself isn't considered a "violent" one.

The Gale Law Group listed the top 5 most common crimes committed in the lone star state.

3 of the 5 involve stealing and one always involves violence.

On the stealing side of things, we have robbery, burglary and theft. Theft is, of course, stealing while burglary is stealing something from a place you had to break into.

Robbery is physically approaching someone and taking something from them ... which often turns violent.

The one crime popular in Texas that, typically, always involves violence is aggravated assault. The act of "intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly" causing bodily injury.

None of these are numero uno though. The crime committed the most in the state of Texas is ... possession.

Federal Agents Target Immigrant Gangs On Long Island
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Being caught with illegal drugs on them, (or even nearby), gets more people popped in Texas than any other crime.

While drug-related offenses are common in every state, it’s a major problem in Texas. Drug offenses make up the majority of Texas arrests, which includes possession. This is no surprise when you consider the size of the state itself, and it should be no surprise that, like most states, drug crimes are taken seriously in Texas. - Gale Law Group

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