The Juarez port of entry bridge has finally been completed. It opened up for use a couple of weeks ago and while I'm sure it helps for those traveling to Juarez- for those of us who wish to stay on this side of the border, it just created another heart attack waiting to happen.

The port of entry connects the Patriot Freeway to the Paisano entrance of the International Bridge of the Americas. However, when driving from the Patriot freeway to get onto I-10 East, if you're not in the right lane you may end up in Juarez!

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

If you aren't paying attention you may end up in J-town! Note how it says "Last U.S.A. Exit"? That made me super anxious the first time I saw it!

It may seem silly- or stupid, but I'm betting that in the middle of the night, it's likely that we'll have stories of people who missed this exit and end up in Juarez.

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It used to be that living on the border, you know the one rule to live by when driving on Paisano- don't miss the exit and end up in Juarez! It's anxiety inducing- especially if you know you don't have your passport! Still, many people have done so and ended up with a hilarious story to tell later. Now, the new one will be the port of entry on the Patriot freeway! Remember, it's all fun and games until you miss your exit and end up in Juarez at 3 in the morning without your passport!


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