Living on the border, you know the one rule to live by when driving on Paisano- don't miss the exit and end up in Juarez! It's anxiety inducing- especially if you know you don't have your passport! Still, many people have done so and ended up with a hilarious story to tell later. It makes you stop and wonder that if El Pasoan's who have lived here their whole life can still make this simple mistake, it must be a nightmare for out of towners!

That was the exact case with Twitter user Tina- who, according to her Twitter account, is from Arizona. Poor Tina was looking for her hotel at 3 in the morning when she accidentally missed her exit! The result? A hilarious 40 second video on Twitter (careful, it is NSFW!)

(Side note: I'm aware that the featured image for this article is the Paso del Norte bridge and Tina most likely was on the Bridge of the Americas)

It was three in the morning, who could blame poor Tina? She's never been here, it was dark and once you turn into that exit it's nearly impossible to turn back! Luckily, Tina was able to get back into the country- she did reply back

I think we can all understand the "freaking out" part!

It's been quite awhile since I've taken that bridge into Juarez- however I do have my own experience. While Christmas shopping with my aunt and grandma back in 1997- my aunt took the wrong exit and we ended up in Juarez! The line back into the country wasn't long and we were back home in 20 minutes. So, really it's not a big deal- and so many have their own experience with it- just check out some of these Tweets below!

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