It's true what they say about how you always remember your first. When you reflect back in time on your firsts, they will either make you shake your head or put a smile on your face. I remember the rush of excitement I felt after being surprised with the coolest graduation gift. That graduation gift was a concert ticket to see Dave Matthews Band out of town. Now the only traveling I had done at 18 was crossing the bridge to drink with friends. My graduation gift definitely helped me scratch off one of my bucket-list items. The item I got to remove from my list was to see a concert out of town. Little did I know then that I would be doing just that now. In case you didn't know this I also enjoy listening to Dave Mattews Band as much as I do with Deftones.

I remember the excitement leaving El Paso to San Antonio even though I was a third wheel. Dave Matthews Band was on their Summer 2003 Tour and was going to see them on July 19, 2003. My first out of town concert experience happened in Selma, Texas at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Your first out of town concert experience will always be something you catch yourself looking back at from time to time. I always like to flashback to mine because of the rush it made me feel. Not only that but meeting new people you may not ever see again.

Outdoor concerts during the summer in El Paso are a piece of cake compared to Selma or that area in general. Despite the uncomfortable humidity, my first concert experience out of town at 18 was perfect.

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