Lately, the El Paso sky has been looking mighty beautiful and locals have been posting evidence of it. My friends have been sharing their Kodak moments of the El Paso sky lately on social media. I am a fan of seeing people like me who also enjoy taking pictures of our sky despite the weather. Like one local posted their lovely photo on Reddit a couple of days ago. My social media newsfeed has been filled with pictures of the El Paso sunsets. Other famous posts you also see on your social media will be of rainy days in the Sun City. Anytime I scroll across pictures on my newsfeed of rain I think back to the 2006 storm. During the storm in 2006, I was in California at the time and was heading back to El Paso.

When I got back home I was welcomed back to muddy streets and Blockbuster DVDs scattered along the road. I remember my My Space newsfeed was filled with pictures of the storm. I remember taking pictures of the sky when I returned home because it was overcast and it felt like I was still in California. Everyone has their own preferred moment of when to capture the El Paso sky either sunrise/sunsets, rainfall, or cloudy skies. I just love taking pictures of our El Paso sky period. You can see some of the pictures I took of our El Paso sky over the years below. Whether it be rainy, gloomy, or bright and shiny days I love capturing Kodak moments of the sky. Pick what type of pictures you admire seeing on your social media newsfeed in the poll beneath the photos.

El Paso Sky

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