Some of you may have witnessed something pretty cool in the El Paso sky recently. No, it wasn't the clouds doing but more like the airmen who occasionally fly high in the El Paso sky.

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Whether it is early in the morning or closer to the evening we usually spot the long white streak of smoke from the jets. But not ever in my entire life have I seen something like this happen when they are flying around.

The airmen who fly high above the ground sure do have the technique to do some amazing things in the sky. Granted, it wasn't anything like the kind of work the clip Sky Writers in New York do.

David Japaridze recorded a small video of the skywriting in New York that he shared on his YouTube channel which you can see above. But it was gnarly to see a generic version of some writing in the El Paso sky this morning.

Luckily, Airman Ryan Lancaster who was on duty at Fort Bliss was able to catch a picture and share it on Reddit for others to admire. Airman Ryan Lancaster snapped a picture of the huge X the pilots in the sky had done.

It is not often you get to witness a huge X in the sky that looks insanely cool especially for the El Paso sky. I just hope if this ever happens again in the future I hope to be able to catch it in real-time.

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