El Paso had some hard rain on the West side of town earlier but remember the time it flooded years ago? The video above is from the storm El Paso suffered in 2006 that flooded the streets, damaged homes, and stores.

During that time El Paso suffered the damaging storm, I was in California reading about it on my social media. After arriving back to El Paso, certain roads on the West side had so much debris and by debris I mean Blockbuster rentals. The store that did suffer major damages happened to be the Blockbuster that was located on N. Mesa. Now as for the area above that the Chooz published on YouTube was quite intense. The water was flowing heavily down the road which made it impossible to drive on. Let's just cross our fingers that this NEVER happens to El Paso again!

Thankfully El Paso didn't have to suffer this kind of storm again after having a little rain earlier.

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