It's the time of year where former El Pasoans begin their trek back to the 915. Along with former El Pasoans come first-timers who have probably never visited the Sun City.

Whether it be for the holidays or for the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl, El Paso will soon be flooded with lots of guests, if it isn't already. So, be on your best behavior El Paso!

One of those guests was Kayla Padilla- who, according to her Twitter bio is a freelance journalist. Padilla was apparently in El Paso this past weekend, and it was her very first time and let me tell you, she was pretty impressed.

So was I! She shared some very pretty pictures on Twitter and for a moment I had to ask myself: "Is THAT El Paso?!" Check out her Tweet below:

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How beautiful is her Tweet? "Now I understand why they write songs and poems about this city". What a nice compliment! Despite El Paso experiencing its first freeze, El Paso was looking beautiful this past weekend.

Somehow, I always hear the same two comments from my friends who have moved away from El Paso and come back for a visit it's either "I missed those mountains" or "I missed these sunsets".

We have to admit, El Paso does have some amazing sunsets and the mountains are glorious to look at. Maybe because I'm here all the time, I sometimes forget that they are beautiful to look at. I'm glad El Paso looked beautiful enough for Padilla to notice and to Tweet out about it.

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