Do you remember that one summer El Paso experienced a major flood that drowned parts of the city? I am so glad I was in California the day Storm 2006 scared a lot of locals. During that time I was in California with my family making a quick stop before heading back to Texas. I remember how that day went down via cell phone thanks to my sister who was giving us a play by play. That time my dad’s house was near Putnam Elementary School. Luckily, his house was on some sort of hill but it did come close to getting inside the house.

The way the house looked before we left looked totally different when we all returned. The rocks we used to have the palm trees surrounded by were washed away and muddy dirt was all over the road. The Storm 2006 will forever remind me of Blockbuster, and I can explain why. My family and I were driving back from California and saw a bunch of Blockbuster DVDs scattered on the roads. A lot of residents became new owners of DVDs that just happened to float on over to their yard or driveway. Our driveway had more than a few DVDs lying around the front yard, street, and sidewalk.

The storm link above will show you what major damage occurred at Blockbuster off Thunderbird and N. Mesa. A lot of families lost their homes and businesses due to the Storm 2006. So anytime I associate Storm 2006 with anything it's always Blockbuster. What first comes to mind when you think of the Storm 2006? Place your vote down below.

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