This video doesn't exactly tell the whole truth and leaves you feeling sorry for the wrong victim. The person who caught this footage didn't quite catch the whole incident before the punch.

Mariano Diaz published this evidence earlier this summer of the woman getting socked in the face. It was wrong for this man to put his hands on a woman instead of handling it the right way (through cops). You must be wondering why this woman who got punched in the face is being charged? Well apparently before leading up to this recording, she had been tailing him and throwing things at this man's car while driving. If you think about it she could have been the cause of a horrific accident not just for herself but for others. You can get the full story from 9 news to help you understand what and why she was charged.

Hopefully this will help those of you who tend to have a little road rage put a stop to that bad habit.

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